Jan Lause gets SMARTSTART funding

He will participate in this program after completion of his MSc thesis in autumn 2018.


We have a new Bachelor Student: Freya Thiessen

She will be doing her BSc thesis under the supervision of Tom Wallis.


New lab rotation student Marlene Weller

She is studying Cognitive Science and will be supervised by Tom Wallis.


Felix Wichmann was added to the program committee of KogWis 2018.

It is the 14th Biannual Conference of the German Cognitive Science Society.


New PhD student Kristof Meding

He has written his master thesis in our lab and we are glad that he will stay with us for his PhD program.


DFG grant Wi2103/4 on eye-movements, saliency and early vision will be extended for another year

The first DFG application was granted in 2014 to Felix Wichmann and Ralf Engbert.  For further infomation please have a look at our funding page.


Bernhard Lang gets "Promotionsstipendium nach dem Landesgraduiertenförderungsgesetz (LGFG)"

Only qualified students with exceptional good degrees have the chance to get this grant. Congratulation Bernhard!

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