Dipl.-Phys. Stephan Ehrenfeld

E-Mail stephan.ehrenfeld@uni-tuebingen.de
Phone +49 7071 29 70481


Room C419
Address Department of Computer Science
University of Tübingen
Sand 14
72076 Tübingen




  • Ehrenfeld S, Butz MV (inprint) An Embodied Kinematic Model for Perspective Taking. KogWis 2014


  • Ehrenfeld S, Herbort O, Butz MV (2013) Modular neuron-based body estimation: maintaining consistency over different limbs, modalities, and frames of reference. Frontiers in computational neuroscience 7
  • Ehrenfeld S, Butz MV (2013) The modular modality frame model: continuous body state estimation and plausibility-weighted information fusion. Biological cybernetics 107(1):61--82
  • Ehrenfeld S, Herbort O, Butz MV (2013) Modular, multimodal arm control models. In: Baldassarre G, Mirolli M (eds) Computational and Robotic Models of the Hierarchical Organization of Behavior, Springer, pp 129--154


  • Ehrenfeld S, Butz MV (2012) Autonomous failure detection and multimodal sensor fusion in a modular arm model. In: Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2012 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on, IEEE, pp 2186--2191
  • Butz MV, Belardinelli A, Ehrenfeld S (2012) Modeling body state-dependent multisensory integration. Cognitive processing 13(1):113--116


  • Ehrenfeld S, Butz MV (2011) A modular, redundant, multi-frame of reference representation for kinematic chains. In: Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2011 IEEE International Conference on, IEEE, pp 141--147

Research Interests

Multisensory integration

Fault detection and isolation

Spatial representations

Predictive modeling

Forward & inverse kinematics

AI in games