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Disputation Yuyi Liu

am Dienstag, 26. Juni 2018 um 17 Uhr in Raum A104, Sand 1, EG.

Onboard Robust Nonlinear Control for Multiple Multirotor UAVs

Berichterstatter 1: Prof. Dr. Andreas Zell
Berichterstatter 2: Prof. Dr. Frank Allgöwer


Since the last decades, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been an area of keen interests in robotics community. UAVs provide human beings with a promising way to extend our capability of achieving challenging tasks, from landscape mapping, rescue searching, to goods transportation, etc. Among many research directions within the robotics field, the control problem is one of the most fundamental problems.
In this thesis, we focus on developing and validating onboard robust nonlinear control approaches for single and multiple multirotor UAVs under the influence of unknown disturbances. More specifically, we build a complete framework of control and online trajectory planning for the multirotors through the combination of model predictive control and Lyapunov-based nonlinear control methods. The proposed framework enables the UAVs to achieve a series of nontrivial tasks, such as path following with aggressive maneuvers of large tilted angle, waypoint navigation in complex environments with obstacles. In addition, we extend the control framework to multiple multirotor UAVs with retraction balancing formation and human-robot interaction approaches, so that a group of UAVs have an ability to generate formation in various shapes in 2D and 3D environment based on the finger motions of an operator.